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"A Crazy Adventure of a story! I could not put it down!"
--Rob Krabbe, Producer, Author

Upper Utah: Four teenagers, two white and two black, find themselves trapped on a mountain in a life or death struggle with a group of Neo-Nazi White Supremacists who have invaded the mountain. Rafe Talltree, the lone Indian and Viet Nam Vet who lives on the mountain because he has been shunned by the town of Shortcut, says, "Not on my mountain."

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After a seven year exile, Justin Hacker returns to his hometown of Nogales, Arizona to try to break his younger brother out of a Mexican prison where he awaits the hangman’s noose for crimes he didn’t commit. But first, Justin must overcome certain obstacles - such as a town bully, a Mexican bandito and his gang, an Indian attack, a father who has vowed to shoot him on site should he ever return, and match wits with a maniacal prison warden who hates gringos. And if that isn’t enough, after several twists of fate, Justin leads the whole town back across the border in an attempt to rescue both, his father and uncle from the dreaded Mexican prison where they now await the hangman’s noose.

HACKER’S RAID is a fast moving page turner with non-stop action that keeps you asking, “What’s going to happen next.”

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Quotes for Hacker's Raid

"A wonderful read. Jared's engaging characters come to life in this superb western as Hacker's Raid thunders through an ever increasing narrative of nonstop action and adventure... Hacker's Raid proves Jared's command of storytelling remains unrivaled."
Howard Loring, Author of "Beyond the Elastic Limit" & "Piercing the Elastic Limit"

"Hacker's Raid is the latest book by "the master story teller" Jared Mcvay. I was riveted from the first page. The pace of the story, the characters, all played their part in an adventure that I just didn't want to put down and I did not want to end. I am looking forward to the next installment of Jared's foray in the western genre."
Rob Krabbe, Author

I'm not usually a fan of westerns, but I found, "Hacker's Raid" interesting and engaging. The characters are very personable, whether hero or villain - and real! They led me through a story laced with smiles, tears and even a gasp or two, always leaving me wanting more. A very worthwhile read.
Ann Schwarz - Proofreader



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